Reflective Essay

For me, having my own restaurant is my goal since I was in a high school. Now, I feel like I am going closer to achieve it, I plan to become an owner within 5 years. I am a person who really loves cooking because of my grandmother. Whenever I visit her, she usually provides me totally tasty food. Therefore, it is my inspiration that I would like to be good at cooking as same as her. After that, I have learned how to cook a lot of Thai foods from her. Then, I also attempt to cook many international foods by myself as well. During cooking time in a kitchen, I feel absolutely happy. In addition, I can stand and stay in there for 2 or 3 hours without exhaustion. Even though, sometimes the new recipe that I cook may not be tasty, I will not give up. However, I will attempt to improve it until I succeed. Anyway, during the high school period, I had only the skill of cooking, I do not have any business background so, it is quite a far distance between my goal and my skill. As a result, I made a decision to study business administration for my bachelor’s degree, majoring in management and minoring in marketing. In undergraduate, I learned general courses for doing a business but I think I do not have experiences a lot. As a consequence, I have decided to study in the UK.

At first, I am not a MACE student, I have applied for Marketing Communication and Advertising course. However, during induction week, I have known that there are around 3 courses in which they are similar to my undergraduate courses. Therefore, I moved to Advertising and the Creative Economy. In my opinion, it is really good decision because I have learned new knowledge and skills. In particular, designing a business class in which it is one of MACE courses, this program can considerably reinforce many skills for achieving my goal. This course emphasises many perspectives for running a business in terms of management, marketing including finance as examples. In my undergraduate, I have gained many points of view of business background. However, I have never applied it in the real practice. In the designing a business program, not only concept that we have learned in class but also real practice for designing a small business that the program provides for students. We have to deal with the real situation for research, production, communication, including selling our product. It is a huge opportunity for learning and gaining experience.

During the beginning of the first semester, a lecturer gave an opportunity for the students to know among each other before deciding to become a group. Due to many international students, the cultures can be totally different (Internations, 2014). We should spend time for a while in order to learn, understand and build relationship for dealing with new culture of our classmates because the different issue of cultures can lead to conflict between people. For example, some cultures people may speak loudly and directly. However, other nations may speak softly and indirectly with patience. In addition, although, we speak English as medium language but sometimes the conversation among people may misunderstand. As a result, we have learned that many people may be different preference, culture, behaviour or personality. After dealing with this circumstance, I should learn and understand with my colleagues when having my own restaurant that all my colleagues may totally different. Additionally, I should understand and deal with each nature of them.

In October, we created a group of four or five people for running a small business in this course. Then, we have learned how to brainstorm with members. As working in a group, we cannot force other people to follow only a person but we have to brainstorm with member in order to engage peers for coming up with ideas (Mind Tools, 2014). After that, we discussed and found a conclusion. Nevertheless, working as a team, it is necessary to select one person to become a leader. As a consequence, we can also gain experience about leadership. In the past, leadership can be described as a commander and followers. However, at this movement, leadership can be defined as setting and controlling the direction for a group of people in order to improve to achieve goal and the leader should express how expertise for building confidence and trust from subordinates (Business News Daily, 2012). In addition, in class we also mentioned about empathy, ability or skill of people who can treat other individuals in which concern emotional feedback and respect their motive and goals (Goleman, 1998). As a result, subordinate satisfaction can be a significant factor for leadership nowadays (Iaffaldano and Muchinsky, 1985; Ross and Offerman, 1997). Then, we have learned how to act as leader and subordinates. For my restaurant, I will allow and provide opportunity for my colleagues in order to share and express their idea because it is better to receive other opinions, sometimes just our own idea may be narrow due to only one person point of view.

After brainstorming, we can specify the idea for our business. Then, another important part is observation. We researched from both online in the Internet and interview people as well. In class and in practical term of small business, we have learned that STP (segmentation, targeting and positioning) is a significant factor for conducting research about our consumers. Segmentation can be defined as dividing the consumers into groups in terms of demographic, psychographic, life style, or belief and value (Hanlon, 2013). Targeting can be described as target groups of people in the segmentation who are our consumers, it may be small or large and each group may have different needs (Hanlon, 2013). Positioning can be a strategy in which it aims to build a distinct and different position of product from competitors in consumers’ mind (Business Dictionary, 2014).  As learning from these concepts, before opening my own restaurant, I must know about where the location of the restaurant. Then, I have to research about the consumers around there that what nature of people surrounding that place. As a result, I can specify the target group and conduct research of recipe preference. Moreover, I will attempt to generate the unique point for building position in consumers mind that my restaurant is different from others.

Another essential element in marketing perspective is branding. We have gained experience during the class session and running our business that branding is really important because normally, it can explain what our business stands for. We have learned that the font of the brand must be appropriate with the industry and our business. In addition, the method in which can reinforce building brand may be design logo (Alcorn, 2014). In term of my restaurant, the name of the restaurant will be a brand and it will represent about the recipes and the atmosphere. In addition, the logo will be designed with appropriate font but it may also depend on how decoration and restaurant look like.

According to selling point of view of our practical small business, we have attended both trade fair in Kingston University Business School and Kingston Town Centre. In my opinion, it is a huge opportunity for learning in term of how to sell, communicate, and build relationship with consumers. Building relationship with consumers seems to be important because the consumers can feel satisfy and delight (Ciotti, 2013). Then, they will become loyalty. In addition, at this moment, social media platform plays important roles in many businesses like Facebook and Twitter because the consumers are connected with the organisation and they can directly interact as well (Blattberg and Deighton, 1991; Holtz, 1999). Moreover, it can also be a channel to generate WOM (word of mouth) from peer-to-peer (Golan and Zaidner 2008). However, during the selling point, how to pitch the product seems to be significant as well. Compared to my goal, having my own restaurant, I will offer not only tasty recipe but also the comfortable, delight and happy feeling during the time that consumers stay in my restaurant. Moreover, nowadays, many people usually share and tag with their friends, family and colleagues in social media. After sharing the photos, it can encourage other people to visit my restaurant because they can see how restaurant look like and some comments.  Furthermore, I may create some campaigns in order to interact and build relationship with consumers through Facebook because this platform is one of the most prominent social media platform (Facebook, 2011).

Accounting and Financing are important for doing a business as well. As mentioned, I learned some background from my undergraduates and this course also provides me some perspective for calculating in order to concern profit and loss. As a result, I can apply them for my own business how transaction of income and expense, including cash flow as well.

Anyway, at this moment, we have done for 2 semesters. I think it is very fast, I feel like I have just finished my pre-sessional course. However, due to studying in Advertising field, I will find a job in advertising field first. It may be in-house or agency. After that, I will work around 6 months or a year in order to learn experience as employees. Then, I will go to stay in South Korea for a year. As studying aboard in the UK, I perceive that language is a very important for communication. In addition, learning many languages can offer more opportunity for applying a job (Wheatman, 2014). Additionally, it can be easy for travelling as well. Moreover, I would like to be able to speak at least 5 languages. Now, I can speak Thai, English, Korean and a little Chinese. Before coming to the UK, I studied Korean language. I think I am a person who loves learning language. I am very happy to study it. At this moment, I can speak fluently Korean but I think I would like to learn from natives. Therefore, I have planed to stay there around 1 year. Actually, 2 years ago I have been to stay there around 2 months. During that time, I met a lot of new friends especially, they are Japanese. Now, I still contact with them and they said after I go back, they will come to see me and travel with me in Thailand. Compared to studying a language in my own country and native country, I think going abroad can make me learn and speak faster because we have to speak that language all the time. Even though, sometimes I may feel lonely for separating from my family.

Studying in the UK, I have earned a lot of new experience. In particular, learning process is totally different from Thailand. In the UK, studying in class is interactive conversation, the students and lecturer usually discuss but in Thailand, the lecturer will teach in front of the class like one-way communication. As a result, sometimes the students may not have opportunity to explain about their idea and opinion. According to Sir Ken Robinson (2010), most education process of students is similar in which it is like a pattern. Many students learn the same contents without opportunity to express their ideas. However, in order to change the children to become more creative, the school should offer the opportunity for them to criticise and show their ideas which MACE course provides many opportunities for students to learn and become more creative and innovative. In my perspective, it can inspire me to think and learn to generate something that is creative. Refer to Thai cultures, some children may follow their parents requirement. They may graduate with the course that their family wants them to learn. In addition, sometimes they would like to study other courses but they do not allow. I think learning without preference or passion cannot make the children feel happy. Therefore, the parents should provide opportunity for their children to learn the course according to their preference because it can inspire them with passion. They will try to do it best in order to achieve their goal. For me, my goal is having my own restaurant, I think I will try to do my best in order to make it succeed and then, not only me that will be proud but also my family as well. In the future, if that time has come, that day will be the best day in my life. I will pay all of my effort to make it best and I will also attempt to apply all my knowledge that I have learned from both bachelor’s and master degree and all experience in order to lead my business to become successful.


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McDonald April’s Fool Day Campaign

Normally, everyone knows that the first of April is an April’s Fool Day. In this year, the McDonald launched the surprise campaign for drive through customers.

Commonly, the McDonald’s staff dresses uniform. However, the clip, they surprise people by wearing special dressing like opera singer, astronaut, wrester, ghost, or even rapper.




ghost McDonalds-Drive-Through-Prank-4

During the time that the customers drive through to receive their order, their face express the suspicious feeling. Then, they impress with surprise and smile. For example, the opera singer will sing for the customers in order to make them surprise. Nevertheless, some customers who meet with a ghost dressing, they are frightened. After that, they laugh a lot.

In my point of view, emotional campaign seems to play important role for many marketing activities because the customers can perceive and impress with the brand. In addition, it emotional connection with the customers can also influence the campaign to become viral as well (Dobele et al., 2005). As a result, it can expand the larger number of the audiences and customers.


Dobele, A., Toleman, D., & Beverland, M. (2005). “Controlled infection! Spreading the brand message through viral marketing”, Business Horizons, Vol. 28 No. 2, pp. 143-149.

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The Viral Advertisement in Thailand

As social media is a new platform that can globally connected, it can generate viral communication.

The main reason for sharing and forwarding the content in online community is emotional connection, it can be sad, fear, violence or humorous.

However, this campaign that I post, in my point of view, it is humorous. It is a new way to promote a book of “New York First Time” in Thailand. He explains about his experience while he is staying in Thailand in order to promote his book. In addition, he can capture the fact that he has learned from the first experience about the bad word in Thailand.

In the clip, the most humorous part for me is the first time of receiving bad word from Thai people. I laugh loudly when he said how do u know about his father death. It’s really funny.  I think if foreigners who stay in Thailand can speak Thai and understand some Thai language, they may face a same situation with him.

Another important part is parent’s name. It is a Thai Culture that during the school life, friends will tease other people by calling their father’s and mother’s name. I don’t know why but it is the something that we usually do and it continues from generation to generation.

Normally, I never call other parent name but my friends always do this to me. Actually, it’s quite hard for friends to know about the fathers and mothers name of the other but during the time of receiving school report, they will try to fight with other friends to look at the name. I don’t know how it is fun. However, many people love doing this.

Then, they will call the name of father or mother instead of their friend name. It’s quite weird for me but many people are happy and fun with that.

Unfortunately, this clip is becoming viral. Many Thai people share and forward this video to their friends. I think it’s successful to promote his book. It’s reached 2 million views now.

My Visual Art of Leadership

In this semester, we study Re-Imaging Leadership as one new course. For the assessment, we have alternative to create a visual art in order to represent the leadership in our point of view. As a result, I have created one art work.

In my perspective, recently, the leadership will act like a commander and followers. However, at this moment, it has become an advisor who provides some suggestions and gives the direction in order to achieve goals. The subordinates seem to be significant during the process. Therefore, acquiring subordinate satisfaction may also be important as well.




As seen in the above image, the coat hanger is covered by many colors in which it represents the process of leadership that in the beginning (unique color), everyone may have different skill and background but they can adapt themselves and work together. In addition, I have selected the shirt in order to mention about empathy because acting as leaders, they should understand other feeling. On the top, the biggest red shirt with the biggest eyes refers to the leader but the leader face is smiling according to nice and friendly leader, not a commander. The biggest eyes can explain the point of view of leader that they have to have more experience and background. Moreover, the other shirts will be divided into 2 parts, it represents the department of the organisation, in which each department will have an expert (red color one side and another side is yellow or green). Moreover, if understanding deeply, all of them will learn experience and then, they will become a big red shirt as a leader.

This artwork is just my point of view in term of leadership. Anyway, I feel happy and proud during the time that I created it.

The Mirror Foundation: Social Enterprise in Thailand

Now, people live in civilization, it can be obvious that technologies seem to rapidly progress. Many people use smartphones and tablets. However, there are some people who are homeless, lacking of shelters or even not able to acquire those technologies for education. As a result, social enterprise can emerge in order to help and eliminate those issues. In addition, due to technological development, we can become easily connect and communicate through online network in term of social media which are Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and so on.

As I am Thai, in my experience, there is one prominent Thai’s social enterprise that uses social media as a way to connect with people in society. Its name is “The Mirror Foundation”. They use the name of mirror in order to reflect the reality issue of both urban and rural area in Thailand.



This social enterprise was established in the year of 1991 by a group of only five students. Since then, they have continuously helped Thai society. Their projects are donation in term of computer, money, book, technologies including clothes, missing people center, homeless assistance and stop child begging. They work under the slogan of “For humanity, for innovation, for change”. Additionally, at this moment, they use social media as a method for expanding their activities and projects, many people join with this organisation. They have Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and Blog. These platforms can influence them to become more convenient. For example, right now, they use Twitter as a mean to find the missing people. The information can spread dramatically just only clicking retweet. Unexpectedly, the majority of mission people are kids.


It can be noticed that there are many people who are lacking of even basic needs. In my point of view, people in the society should be taken apart in order to share social responsibility to help them.

The Mirror Foundation Social Media

Facebook :

Twitter :

Youtube :

Blog :

Ai Weiwei: Sunflower Seeds

In the re-imaging class, we watched a clip of Ai Weiwei’s art work about sunflower seeds.

At first, in the beginning of the video I saw a enormous sunflower seeds and I think that all of them are the real sunflower seeds. However, after watching I have just know that every seeds is created hand by hand form many people for his art work.

In my aspect, it is very amazing that people can generate countless number of sunflower seeds like that. It starts from molding, painting, cleaning and packing those seeds for the art work. Every seed is created by hand of human, this point make me feel impressive because the number of seeds are countless and it is made by people’s hand. In addition, it does not use a few people to crate but this art work employs a large number of individuals to encourage and generate. I think it can provide job opportunity for people without regarding of gender and age because in the video, there are many elderly people work and help in this project. This video may not represent only art sector but it can also show the culture in China as well. When this art work is popular, many people can know more about this country.

In term of leadership aspect, after watching this video, I can understand that at this moment, leadership is not a commander and follower but it is a co-cretion, cooperation from many people. However, it should have one person who lead the process but that person must not force other people. On the other hand, that person seems to understand other people skill and attempt to match them in appropriate role.

Bright Idea with Brilliant Creator “Sheridan Shed Simove”


This week we have one activity which is a bright idea.During that day, we have one guest speaker whom I feel, he is a brilliant creator “Sheridan Shed Simove.”

He is a person who can provide several idea which I think no one cannot think like him.


I think, it may be one reason he said we have to break a rule.

I like one of his idea which is a birthday candle. However, it is not a normal candle.

Generally, many birthday candle seems to be a normal candle or Happy Birthday word but his idea, he can create birthday candle like 40th anniversary which is very strange and interesting as well. In my opinion, many people love it.

Nevertheless, the most brilliant idea which I like the most is a book that he write. The title of the book is “What Every Man Thinks About Apart from Sex.” For me, the title is quite interesting and I think many people can feel interesting with this book as well. This book was translated to many languages but one reason that why he is a brilliant creator because  this book is nothing, it is blank, there is nothing inside but it can translate in many languages only the cover. It can be obviously that the idea is very important for being a creator. In addition, breaking a rule and trying something unique can be significant factors.